Perverse and Often Baffling

I was listening to NPR on my way home tonight*, and I caught the end of an amusing series of anecdotes by Malcolm Gladwell about his beginning days as a journalist for the Washington Post. You might get a kick out of listening to its online rebroadcast on This American Life. My favorite part was his contest with his co-worker to use the phrase "raises new and troubling questions" in their articles as many times as possible.

The episode's audio podcast can be found here.

Just click on the link "Full Episode" below the title graphic, and skip ahead to 45:25. The segment runs for 14 minutes.

Hope you enjoy it. If you are interested, the beginning of the episode features the humorous writing room of The Onion, which was also quite amusing.

*Before writing this post, I sent this as an e-mail over to my reporting professors at the University - only to realize that I had begun the e-mail "I was listening to NPR on my home tonight," and came across either as a a complete idiot or a bizarre roof-dwelling radio fan. How embarrassing.


flutterbyblue said...

I loved this podcast as well! Did you know that we were added to a sidebar on slate.com? I had no idea people even READ my blog!

BTW -- I was recently in Eugene and really loved it there -- !

Tristan said...

Ha ha, that's amazing that the author is taking that stand up so seriously!